EASME – Sustainable Energy Investment Forums: Supporting investment momentum in the EU ('16) & Continuing support for investment momentum in the EU ('19)

    Aim of the project

    This contract aims to support public and private stakeholders develop large-scale investment and financing schemes for energy efficiency projects at the national level through a series of national conferences and smaller roundtables. Event participants should develop a common understanding of the issues, develop roadmaps to improve access to finance for sustainable energy investments, and propose evolutions in national policy and regulatory frameworks.

    Services provided by Pracsis

    Event management and support services

    • Coordination of actions and contacts with other contractors or institution services working on the same event
    • Research and booking of venues (hotels, conference centers, museums, restaurants, stand spaces, etc.)
    • Provision of interpreters and interpretation equipment
    • Provision and installation of audiovisual equipment
    • Assistance in identifying speakers and moderators
    • Provision of on-site catering
    • Provision of photographic services
    • Provision of conference assistants

    Graphic design, layout, and printing

    • Graphic design, printing & production of events materials such as projection slides, posters,  and sign-posting
    • Drafting, layout, translation, and printing of agendas, and other literature for participants

    Media relations

    • Media strategy
    • Identifying journalists and media contacts (audiovisual and written press)
    • Assistance to journalists at events


    • Designing and building registration system for participants
    • Creation of event webpages, to be integrated in the Europa website
    • Monitoring and reporting events statistics
    • Full webstreaming services

    Project Details

    Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises,
    European Commission, DG Energy

    Organising exchanges of best practices between stakeholders
    working on topics related to energy efficiency financing at
    national level, mainly through the organisation of national
    public conferences, roundtables, and follow-up events.

    Duration of project:
    2016-2019; 2019-2023