The ManagEnergy Initiative

    • Green Week 2014

    Aim of the project

    The ManagEnergy Initiative was launched by the European Commission in 2002 to support local and regional energy agencies and other local actors in their sustainable energy undertakings. The Initiative aims to facilitate global thinking on strategic local issues and support local actors in the capacity-building process, resulting in better use of available solutions in sustainable energy. It provides training, workshops and online events targeting energy professionals and managers of local and regional energy agencies. ManagEnergy also offers internet broadcasts of video presentations, speeches and interviews on topical energy matters. 
    The Initiative, best known for its website, provides direct services, which help local and regional energy actors in public authorities, energy agencies and other organisations that assist them, to implement EU energy policies and foster investment in Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency markets. More specifically, the initiative 
    is targeted at:

    • Local and regional energy agencies
    • Local and regional public authority energy specialists
    • Urban planners and elected officials (municipal, provincial and regional) especially signatories of the Covenant of Mayors
    • Other local and regional organizations with a public mission that are working on sustainable energy

    In addition, it is designed to bring relevant information and links to networking events and expert advice services, which bring Community energy policies on renewable energies closer to local actors. The ManagEnergy Initiative also contributes to capacity building and the replication of good practice experience among local energy agency actors.

    Solutions provided by PRACSIS

    Pracsis is the professional communication partner of EACI, ensuring the corporate identity and branding of the ManagEnergy initiative for which it brings a combination of experience and intellectual capital:

    • A communication plan interlinking the different web and print-based communications tools with the events and media coverage at the appropriate time in order to develop a strong EU-wide ManagEnergy brand
    • The ManagEnergy websitePRACSIS leads a consortium and is currently in the process of designing a new, attractive and easy-to-navigate website for the ManagEnergy Initiative, making it the principal means of promotion and communication for the initiative.
    The most striking features of the ManagEnergy website include:
    • A Partner search facility:  A particular focus of the website is its high level of interactivity and the ease of gathering new information, its search function for finding partners in sustainable  energy projects.
    • Capacity-building events: These will include European events and workshops, including a major European platform for live and recorded internet broadcasts of energy events, speeches and presentations for improved communications and learning. Networking opportunities are furnished by the ManagEnergy Annual Conference and the Local Energy Action Award 
    • Programme information: The website contains information on project and programme funding available for local actors.
    • Good practices: The website is the repository of good practices  and case studies from which to learn and share expertise and knowledge.

    Project Details

    EASME (Executive Agency for SME,
    European Commission)

    Communication strategy, publications
    and website, promotional activities,
    media relations, events and workshops

    Duration of project: