European Enterprise Awards - Pan European Award Campaign

EU Environmental Technologies Action Plan

Aim of the project

The European Enterprise Awards, launched by the European Commission, recognise and reward outstanding initiatives that support entrepreneurship at regional level. The awards, which will be launched in 2006, are not only a competition; they also aim to raise public awareness of the positive aspect of enterprise activities and to celebrate entrepreneurial success in developing Europe’s economy.

Each year, pan-European award winners will be identified and will serve as inspiration for others.

The geographical scope of the competition spans the 25 Member States of the European Union as well as Bulgaria, Iceland, Norway, Romania and Turkey.

Solutions provided by PRACSIS

As the Secretariat for the European Enterprise Awards,PRACSIS is responsible for administrative tasks related to preparing for the Award Ceremony and for promoting the European level Award scheme.

Concretely, PRACSIS is responsible for:

  • Organising the Competition: PRACSIS is playing a pro-active and supporting role, liaising between the EC officers and the national coordinators in the participant states, organising meetings, setting up training workshops on how to promote national ceremonies, etc. PRACSIS will motivate public officials from regional, national government to take actions and develop measures to support entrepreneurship;
  • Promoting the Competition: A strong PR campaign will enhance the visibility of the Awards and raise the prestigious mark of winners. PRACSISwill develop messages to encourage and inspire potential entrepreneurs. Posters, brochures and leaflets (in all European Union official languages) will be disseminated and support promotion activities of the PR campaign;
  • Organising the Award Ceremony: The Awards ceremony will be the main event and showcase activity of the Award scheme. PRACSIS has developed a smooth running ceremony, focusing on rewarding the winners, and enhancing the importance of entrepreneurship and the prestigious mark of receiving the Awards prize;
  • Project Management: PRACSIS will also be in charge of the organisation of the team, the performance indicators and the project planning and organisation.

Project Details

European Commission, DG Entreprise

Secretariat, Publications and websites,
Promotion, Event planning

Duration of project:
2006 - 2009