European Forum on Eco-innovation

    • EcoAP Forum

    Aim of the project

    The European Commission has set up an Environmental Technologies Action Plan (ETAP), which aims to promote eco-innovation and to broaden the scale of environmental technologies. To achieve this aim, the European Commission decided to create a Forum whose task will be to bring together the stakeholders from business, finance and relevant technology fields.

    The Forum will be exploring strategic orientations for the future development of ETAP and to mobilise stakeholders for action. For this purpose, the Forum will provide a platform for discussion, debate, and interaction in order to define common objectives and to establish strategies for future actions.

    Solutions provided by PRACSIS

    As the Secretariat of the European Forum on Eco-innovation, PRACSIS will handle the administrative aspects of organising meetings and events and will also provide the communication and promotional activities of the Forum. The specific tasks PRACSIS will perform are the following:

    • Organisation and follow-up of Task Group meetings: together with the European Commission, PRACSIS will play a proactive part in the selection of Task Group members and will be responsible for the organisation and the follow-up of the meetings. Moreover, PRACSIS will act as the central contact point in order to ensure effective dissemination of information among Task Group members;
    • Organisation and follow-up of panelist preparatory meetings: as with the Task Group meetings, PRACSIS will be responsible for the organisation, attendance, and follow-up of the panelist preparatory meetings. In addition, PRACSIS will make sure that all the panelists receive any relevant information that will help them organise the content of the forum;
    • The organisation of the Forum conferences: Seen as the key-events of the project, two Forum conferences will be held in two different places during the course of 2007. To this end, PRACSIS will make everything possible at various levels such as communication, promotion, and logistics in order to assist the Forum conferences in becoming a success as well as to stimulate stakeholders’ interest in the field of eco-friendly technologies;
    • Project management: PRACSIS will be responsible for the selection of the project management team, the setting of performance indicators, and organisation of the project as a whole.

    Project Details

    European Commission, DG Environment

    Secretariat, Publications, Promotional activities,
    Forum organisation

    Duration of project: