EU Environmental Technologies Action Plan

EU Environmental Technologies Action Plan

Aim of the project

The EU Environmental Technologies Action Plan (ETAP) was adopted on 28 January 2004 by the European Commission. It aims to promote environmental technologies within the EU and globally, while exploiting their potential to improve both the environment and competitiveness. The plan is very ambitious and is implemented by both the Commission and Member States.

Over the last few years, a number of communications activities have been carried out to create awareness of the plan amongst the different target groups in the public and private sectors.

As ETAP covers a large number of very different actions, it is a strategic challenge, first to succeed in giving a clear picture (identity) of ETAP to the relevant target groups, second to demonstrate in a dynamic way, and using directly accessible editorial text, the implementation of ETAP-related actions and third to increase significantly the awareness of ETAP-relevant information.

Solutions provided by PRACSIS

In order to raise further the visibility and comprehension of ETAP, the following types of action are being carried out by PRACSIS:

  • Improvement of the website: simplifying and clarifying the layout of the home page and the whole ETAP website navigation, while remaining fully integrated with the overall Europa structure, and modifying the overall structure to make access to relevant information easier. Putting ‘news-style’ stories on the home page with snappy by informative headlines and brief journalistic introductions linking to the full story in the relevant section. All content is now also being translated into French, Italian, sSpanish and German;
  • Updating of the newsletter: making this tool more attractive for both general public and specialist audiences as the flagship publication of ETAP. As with the website, editorial content for the newsletter is being elaborated in liaison with the Commission – covering editorial, updates on recent political issues, policy and EC-related news, promising environmental technologies, interesting projects and events;
  • Promotional activities: together with the amelioration of the website and newsletter, most promotional activities are focusing on specialist stakeholders. Strategically, PRACSIS is both consolidating the socio-professional links accumulated in the past and seeking new audiences in the EU-27;
  • Events and conferences: PRACSIS has identified and is participating in several events and conferences to raise awareness about the campaign;
  • Media relations: PRACSIS is concentrating on close relations with pan-European, specialist and mass media. Press information includes information about the ETAP website, the general ETAP framework and timely information regarding the ETAP Policy Agenda, national activities, further technology development, etc.

Project Details

European Commission, DG Environment

Secretariat, Communication strategy,
Publications and websites,
Promotional activities, Media relations

Duration of project: