CHAFEA – Coordinated Activities on the Safety of Products (CASP)

    Aim of the project

    The aim of coordinated activities in the area of market surveillance for product safety across the
    European Union is to:

    • Ensure a safe Single Market
    • Provide tools to participating MSA to jointly test products found in the Single Market
    • Determine the risks posed by tested products
    • Draw common positions and procedures
    • Facilitate discussions and knowledge-sharing among national market surveillance authorities
    • Reach out to external stakeholders with an active role and obligation to ensure a safe single market

    Services provided by Pracsis

    Pracsis is responsible for the organization and management of events, as well as the development and delivery of all communication related activities.

    Event management and support services

    • Coordination of actions and contacts with other contractors or institution services working on the same event
    • Research and booking of venues (hotels, conference centers, museums, restaurants, stand spaces, etc.)
    • Provision and installation of audiovisual equipment
    • Provision of on-site catering

    Media relations

    • Social media strategy and implementation


    • Designing and building registration system for participants
    • Creation of event webpages, hosted on
    • Monitoring and reporting events statistics
    • Video conferencing

    Project Details

    Chafea - Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency,
    European Commission, Directorate-General for Justice and Consumers

    Multiple framework contract for the organisation of activities on
    consumer product safety in EU/EEA/EFTA countries,
    responsible for logistical organisation of all necessary meetings
    during the project, including the identification and selection of
    appropriate testing laboratories, and communicating and
    disseminating the outcome of the activities to all relevant stakeholders.

    Duration of project: