The 'BUILD UP' Initiative


Aim of the project

In 2009, the Commission launched BUILD UP to increase the awareness of all parties in the building chain of the saving potential that remains untapped. BUILD UP therefore promotes better and smarter buildings across Europe by connecting building professionals, local authorities and citizens. Its interactive web portal catalyses and releases Europe’s collective intelligence for effective implementation of energy-saving measures in buildings. 

The BUILD UP web portal shares and promotes existing knowledge, guidelines, tools and best practices for energy-saving measures in buildings across Europe. At the same time, it informs the market about the legislative framework in terms of goals, practical implications and future revisions.

The BUILD UP web portal is an influential and interactive European tool engaging powerful networks and well-established umbrella organisations in a proactive commitment to energy efficient buildings. As such, the web portal encourages communication, transfer and promotion of existing information and knowledge, guidelines, tools and best practices for energy saving measures in buildings across Europe


Solutions provided by PRACSIS

Concretely, PRACSIS is responsible for:

  • Project management: As a consortium leader, PRACSIS is responsible for the overall project management and communication with EASME, in close collaboration with its two consortium partners.
  • Operation and maintenance of the BUILD UP portal: PRACSIS is in the process of designing a new web portal that is adapted to the latest evolutions of web design and IT. The aim is to upgrade the usability and attractiveness of the current web portal.
  • Promotional activities: Setting up an effective marketing plan is the strategic basis for targeted promotional activities. PRACSIS seeks to continuously increase the visibility and recognition of BUILD UP as the European portal for energy solutions in buildings, and to increase the active participation of BUILD UP users. Toward this end, PRACSIS has set up a permanent PR desk to ensure the best media relations and use of social media between itself, its partners and related European initiatives. The PR desk represents BUILD UP at events and conferences, produces promotional material in order to raise awareness of the project and sends out regular news alerts to stakeholders.
  • Media relations: PRACSIS implements a focused approach to ensure wide media coverage of BUILD UP. Well-founded information in different formats (both written and audio-visual content) is provided to journalists, while a strategic and dynamic relationship is created with relevant national and pan-European media.
  • Social media: For the success of BUILD UP within the changing communication environment, a strong presence on social media is crucial. Social media facilitate networking among users and help disseminate information quickly. PRACSIS has defined a social media strategy as an integral part of the BUILD UP marketing plan. Social media have become an increasingly important tool of the BUILD UP PR desk.
  • Events: PRACSIS provides logistic and communication support for building-related events in Brussels. Services range from the identification of the venue to liaison with speakers, and drafting and editing meeting conclusions.

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Project Details

EASME (Executive Agency for SMEs, 
European Commission)

Revamp of the BUILD UP platform,
operation and maintenance of the portal,
Communication strategy, Promotional
activities, Social media &
media relations, Events

Duration of project: